Silvio Entertainment Fiction - Uppfinnaren (The Inventor)
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“When forced to choose between the truth and the myth, always choose the myth.”

The Inventor is an outrageous dark comedy that takes us disturbingly close to true events.

Stig Molin, aka The Boss, is a true force of nature. With a charm that literally knocks people off their feet, he is fearless, creative and totally mad.

The Boss is a genius in advertising but in a constant state of hubris. He starts to look down on the customers and their products, and becomes obsessed with creating the perfect product himself.

Parallel to his advertising work, The Boss spendsĀ all the company earnings on insane inventions and the adventure begins.

Silvio brings life to the books by Alf Mork in this dark comedy TV-series developed with support by the Swedish Film Institute.

English Title

The Inventor


TV series


In development